...Imagine for a moment, that there is a mythical society that reveres the harp and has a composite of ancient beliefs about the power of music.  They know harps and lyres are gifts from the gods, used for worship, to charm beasts, cure diseases and soothe souls.  The people feel close to their creator when listening to harp music.

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Formal Portrait In Solarium, 1999You will demonstrate good taste by inviting a harpist to be part of your memorable event.  The harp has a noble history as the earliest known stringed instrument and has been an integral part of human ritual and ceremony for thousands of years.  More than any other instrument, it is associated with beauty, love, health and happiness.  Instrument of kings and angels, it is perfect for your memory's creation!

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The harp's exquisite sound can range from ethereal and delicate to festive and triumphant, making it flexible enough to enhance every aspect of your event plans.  Whether your plans are elegant, traditional or contemporary, the harp is an elegant and sophisticated option.

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